laser hair removal cost

Laser hair removal cost, side effects and benefits everyone should know before trying

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If you are thinking of removing unwanted hair by laser hair removal but curious where to start, keep reading this article to know everything about laser hair removal cost, side effects and benefits.

Laser hair removal is one of the most expensive ways of removing unwanted hair from the human body. It is a medical procedure to kill the hair by damaging hair follicles to stop the hair grow. Since the cost of laser hair removal is a big amount of money, the first question is ” is it all worth? ”

Well, I would say yes! It may have some side effects depending on your skin type.  When you first heard these words, “laser hair removal”, isn’t it a bit painful? Yes, it is a bit painful treatment when you are converting light energy into heat and damage the hair follicles. But trust me, it is worth to feel that little pain than going back to the salon twice a month and get hot wax on the body. Since most of the people want to get rid of hair in very sensitive areas such as the face, hands and bikini line they get the pain easily. But when you are continuing the treatments, you will discover pain is getting very less.

laser hair removal cost
laser hair removal cost

How much does laser hair removal cost?

Well even it depends on your region or the country you live, the average cost for a one visit is $235. Since it is not an overnight process it takes time to shed dead hair once the hair follicles are damaged.  Repeated treatments are a usual way of removing the hair completely.  Does full body laser hair removal cost much higher than the usual cost? Yes, when the area getting bigger they need to put a laser on a large area. It’s pretty obvious you will have to pay at least $1000 as an average cost per session.

Is laser hair removal permanent?

Yes, it is. When the laser beam damages the hair follicles, it blocks the growth of hair again. But sometimes they can heal by the time and start producing hair again. Since then you may have to repeat the process until you completely get rid of the unwanted hair.

Wants to know about the laser hair removal side effects too?

As any of other medical procedures, laser hair removal also has side effects.

laser hair removal side effects
laser hair removal side effects

1. It can cause pigmentation on your skin

If the laser beams catch the skin, especially a dark skin it can keep scars and change the color around the treated area. For a fair complexion, this can be a temporary issue. But for darker skin complexion it is hard to damage the hair follicles as laser beam damage the targeted pigment in the skin. Even you are suntanned, it works same. So you will have to stay indoors at least for four weeks in order to get the treatments done.

2. Skin irritation

Within the first few hours, there can be swelling, redness and temporarily discomfort. It is a very common situation if you are taking the laser hair removal treatments for the first time. Other than that changes in skin texture or blistering also can happen, but it is a very rare condition.

3. Scars on the skin

This is not just a side effect, but you need to go to a qualified dermatologist to get done the laser hair removal. And it is important to shave before taking the laser treatment to avoid burning hair and skin. In case the beam touches the hair out of the skin, the energy goes to burn hair, not to damage the hair follicles.

How to get ready for laser hair removal treatment?

ready for laser hair removal treatment
ready for laser hair removal treatment

As I mentioned earlier, it can be a bit painful. So be prepared for that, getting panicked won’t make it any easier. Since all the hair follicles are not in the same stage of the growth, you may have to visit your dermatologist a few times again. Since it can be a costly beauty investment, but do proper research to make sure the laser hair removal treatment is right for you. And for a few days after the treatment, you will have to avoid the gym, and hot water baths and sun! Since it is very important to prevent infections get into the skin you may have to arrange your schedules according to the treatment days.  Buy some good movies and get prepared to stay indoors least for a month after treatment.

Few more important tips!

Don’t rush to do laser hair removal before and after comparison right after you came from the dermatologist. It takes time to get the silky smooth skin after getting the treatment done.

Don’t pluck or wax in between the treatments. If you feel that you are getting hairy after the first laser hair removal, try shaving since it has nothing to do with your hair follicles.

Since the laser treatments are done on your natural skin, it should be clean and product free. Avoid applying moisturizing cream or deodorant when taking the treatment and you may have to follow-up this for 24 hours after the treatment as well.

Laser hair removal causes cancers and infertility are the most common myths about this treatment. The radiation of the laser used in the treatment is not harmful and since it is targeted to hair follicles there is no way of getting cancer by getting the treatment. And since the radiation doesn’t target on other organs, there is a no way of causing infertility from laser hair removal. This is a very safe method of removing unwanted hair even in sensitive places in the body.

If you are confident and ready to take laser hair removal as a beauty investment, make sure you meet a qualified dermatologist for the treatments. There is a chance of avoiding simple mistakes such as scars on the skin if you choose a qualified and trained doctor. Most importantly be honest with your consultant and don’t miss the appointments after the first laser treatment. It will be a waste of money if you just stop through halfway.

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