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Facts about Children with Hair Loss that Will Make You Think Twice

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Have you ever seen children with hair loss? Though it is not a really big concern in the society, there is considerable number of kids with hair loss. In medical terminology, hair loss is known as “alopecia.” This condition is so much prominent among adults. But, there is a considerable number of kids seem to be suffering from alopecia. So, here we are going to make a quick overview in order to cover a lot of important aspects with reference to the hair loss episodes in children.

Here’s the deal:

Children with hair loss – What can cause hair loss in a child?

children with hair loss
children with hair loss

Actually; there are many reasons for children with hair loss. What we need to emphasize here is that there are medical related causes as well as non medical related causes for hair loss in kids.

Let us have a quick look at a few of the most common non-medical causes for hair loss in children.

• The use of extremely hot air for drying hair

Try to avoid the use of hair dryers as much as possible for hair drying in children. When using the hair dryer make sure to maintain enough distance in between the hair dryer and the child’s head and use the low or medium heat of the dryer.

• Combing wet hair

Do not comb hair immediately after having a shower or a bath. The hair becomes so much weaker when the hair has been soaked after having a shower so that there is a great potency for the breakage and hair loss. That is why; it is not wiser to brush or comb the hair when the hair is wet.

what can cause hair loss in a child
what can cause hair loss in a child

Important: By using a wide-tooth comb, it is possible to minimize the hair loss for a greater extent.

• Tying the hair too tight

Always make sure to hold the hair loosely as much as possible. Otherwise; hair gets damaged, and the hair loss may be the ultimate consequence.


Keep in your mind thoroughly that there is no need of worrying much about newborn hair loss or the excess hair loss which can be seen during the initial few months as the hair growth continuous with time.

Is there any possibility of hair loss in children due to vitamin deficiency?

Actually; there is a great possibility for causing extreme hair loss because of excess intake of vitamin A. In such a situation, it is necessary to pay your attention to the daily diet of your kid. Definitely, you have to make a remarkable diversity in your kid’s diet by adding all the nutrients in required amounts. Do not forget to see your family physician or a pediatrician when you come across through this kind of hair loss episode.

What causes children’s hair to fall out?

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There are 4 reasons which cause hair loss in children can be identified. Let us have a brief idea about them one by one.


1. Hair shaft trauma

Generally; hair shaft trauma is considered as the physical stress to the hair. This condition causes excess hair loss in kids for a greater extent. Keep in your mind that it is not wiser to make the hair stressed by activities like braiding and arranging as extra tight ponytails. Other than that; it is not good to rub the hair on pillows on any surface again and again. In addition; chemical burns can also lead the hair to the condition, hair shaft trauma.

2. Tinea capitis

Tinea capitis is a kind of infection. When considering this infection, it is caused by a ringworm type which is scientifically known as Tinea capitis. This causes extreme hair loss in children. This infection is really common among the age range of 5 to 10 years. You will be able to notice scaly lesions which look like rings. This ringworm causes a fungal infection. We can see this condition in eyebrows, eyelashes and hair of the scalp. It is necessary to use antifungal medications in order to get rid of this condition. There are special shampoos which have been nourished with antifungal drugs. They are so much effective so that any affected individual can get rid of this problem within a shorter period of time.

3. Telogen effluvium

What happens in this condition is that just an interruption on the typical life cycle of the hair.

Generally; there is about 10% to 15% hair on the scalp, remain the telogen phase. What happens in the condition, telogen effluvium is that almost all of the hair transforms into the telogen phase. The final consequence may be the complete or the partial baldness.

The following are the utmost reasons for the condition, Telogen effluvium.
• Overdose of Vitamin A
• Head injuries
• Prolong fever
• The stress of general anesthesia
• Side effects of certain drugs
• Severe emotional stress

There is nothing to think about the medication for this condition as this vanishes with the time.

4. Alopecia areata

What happens in this condition is that falling out of hair in an oval or a round pattern. Scientists are still lack of an idea regarding the precise cause for this condition. But, there is a myth that this condition occurs because of the attacks on the hair follicles by the immunity system of the children. In other words; Alopecia areata is known as a kind of rare condition which causes a considerable hair loss in children.

How to donate your hair to children with hair loss?

A high-quality wig which is made of natural hair can make the wearer so much confidence. Just think about a child who is emotionally suffering from hair loss. Let us see how it is!

hair donation for kids
hair donation for kids

Actually; it is necessary to follow a set of essential steps in order to donate hair to children with hair loss.

Step 1: Find a good hair donation organization
Though there are a large number of hair donation organizations, it is necessary to choose a good organization after considering their vision, and the mission. Do not forget to check out whether the organization offers wigs for free of charge or for paid. Other than that; you all have to check out what kind of medical background is required for the donation before making the hair donation.

Step 2: Refer the must have requirements for making the hair donation

Anyone who is looking for being a hair donor can have a sound idea regarding the prerequisites for being a donor by going through the official website of the hair donation organization.

Most of the times, the donor should have at least 8-14 inches hair length as the minimum length. Meanwhile; you have to check whether the organization is looking for hair which has not been bleached, highlighted, or dreadlocked.

Keep in your mind thoroughly that there are several hair donation organizations which do not accept gray hair at all. That is why; you have to have a deep look at their requirements first.

Step 3: Make sure to follow the donation cut instructions.

There are a few instructions for making a donation cut. Therefore; the hairstylist has to follow them carefully.

Home remedies for child hair loss

There are numerous natural compounds that can be used at home for minimizing the hair loss in children. Let us have a quick look at a few of them through the upcoming paragraph.

home remedies for child hair loss
home remedies for child hair loss

Providing a balanced diet is the best way to reduce the potential for child hair loss. Check whether the meal comprises of the following nutrients or not.
• Vitamin E
• Zinc
• Vitamin A
• Biotin
• Vitamin C
• Iron
A balanced diet facilitates the re-growth of the hair.

In addition; you can use coconut oil, amla juice, olive oil and apple cider vinegar in order to reduce the hair loss. Always try to use natural compounds on the hair of children so that you can say goodbye to numerous hair related issues.

The bottom line

Before winding up our discussion, we would like to state that always it is wiser to see a medical professional for children with hair loss. By going through the above description, you can have a sound idea regarding the risks and dark sides of this problem. If you stay tuned for our future posts, of course, you will be able to enhance your knowledge regarding this kind of health issues more frequently.


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